BKG Fall Recruiting – Coming to a School Near You!

Looking for an internship? BKG is looking for you!

Every year, BKG reaches out to local colleges and universities to find students looking for an internship opportunity during the Spring, Summer, or Fall months.  BKG typically attends three or four recruiting events such as career fairs or interview days.  During these events, the BKG recruiting team has the opportunity to network with a wide variety of students.  BKG’s internship recruiting process provides an opportunity for students looking for an internship to get to know the firm, the employees, and industry groups.

BKG has worked with many interns over the past few years, and has enjoyed the experience with each one.  BKG interns participate in engagements as if they were full-time staff.  The interns are encouraged to learn as much as they can about BKG’s industries, clients, and staff.  BKG interns are also invited to participate in the numerous events with the employees, such as the BKG softball team and the firm’s anniversary celebration.

If you’re interested in working with the Binkley Kanavy Group, contact us today!

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