BKG Softball – A Dynasty in the Making

Winning a softball championship is an exciting accomplishment.  Winning two consecutive softball championships is an impressive feat.  Winning three championships in a row?  That’s a task for BKG!

Only a few short years ago, BKG joined the PFCS Softball League as a young and inexperienced team.  There were many ups and downs as the group learned to play together as a team.  Entering the 2012 summer season as the back-to-back B-Flight champions, however, the team was ready for the challenge of defending their title against the stiff competition.

The team, made up of BKG employees, alumni, and friends, played a game nearly each week over the summer months.  Team BKG executed some spectacular performances on the field and ended the season with a 10-2 record.  Soon after the regular season ended, the team entered the playoffs with a strong feeling that they had a possibility of a “three-peat.”

The Championship Game featured BKG against a team which had showed strong potential throughout the season.  Team BKG dominated the game early on and became champions for the third time in three years!

Congrats to the Champs!

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